Gyeran meaning is “egg”, Ppang meaning is “Bread”.

I think I can translate ‘egg waffle ‘

When the winter is coming, we can meet Gyeranppang on the street.
It also a kind of a Korean street food.

Gyeran ppang is made of a waffle batter, baked in a oval shaped mold.
Point is an egg is inside of Gyeran ppang, just like a above image.

If you do not like an egg, I do not recommend. Yolk and albumen are in there.
But if you do not have problem with an egg, I recommend Gyeran Ppang.
You just need pay 700 KRW ~ 1,000KRW for Gyeran ppang. also you can satisfy your hunger.

Normally price of Gyeran ppang is 700KRW per 1 EA, 2,000KRW per 3EA. Main street or downtown is more expensive. Price will be up to 1,000 KRW per 1EA.
Remember, Gyeranppang is not sale on the warm temperature.