If I go to Dongdaemun, I can see, meet a traveler from another country. they probably has read book about Korea,
If they have a curiosity about Korea, How can they get answer for that,
So I had decision to set up homepage about Korea.

I knew, It is not easy to me.

Main problem is my English ability.
I have learned English in the U.S Army, that is only good to talk, not write.
If you have a wrong expression, grammar, word, spelling, let me know.

Second problem is contents.
Contents can be incorrect, subjective.
I will try my best, but I cannot guarantee you quality of content.

Anyway I hope this site can help you to be friendly with Korea.

Since Nov 2010, I installed Captcha plugin in comment slot.
I know Captcha is a kind of bothering, but I have to, spam comment has being too much, I hope visitor understand about it.