A street cheering of the Worldcup 2010 in Seoul

Korea reaches round of 16 at the Worldcup 2010.
Next match will be held on next saturday, 26 June, at 11:00 PM.

I post a place of street cheering in Seoul, if you have time join this festival.

1. Banpo Floating island

Subway Express terminal station Line 3,7,9, Exit 4,6,8.
Take 8401 Bus, off at Banpo Han-river Park.
and you can find sign.

street cheering

image from etnews

2. Yeongdongdaero

Subway Samsung station line 2, Exit 6,7, walk 2-3 minutes.
Follow people who put on a red t-shirt.
New place, this place going to be a representative place for street cheering of Gangnam.
Gangnam meaning is a district south of the Han river.

3. Seoulgwangjang

Subway Cityhall station line 1,2, Exit 4, walk 2-3 minutess
Since Worldcup 2002, a representative place for street cheering.

4. Yeouido Park

Subway Yeoinaro station line 5, Exit 1, Walk 5 minutes.

5. Olympic Park HYUNDAI Fan park

Subway Mongchontoseong Station line 8, Exit 1.
This palce is sponsored HYUNDAI.

6. Worldcup Stadium

Subway Worldcup stadium station line 6, Exit 1.

Depend on your location, you can easily reach each place by subway.
The match will start at 11:00 PM, you better be there before match.
Each place will be full with people, but any accident was not happened so far.
Nevertheless, be careful, bring a water, and some food to maintain your body,
also do not forget trash will be with you when you leave a place.

the subway schedule will be extended, so do not worry about transportation when you get back.

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