South Korea’s coronavirus vaccination has begun

South Korea’s coronavirus vaccination began on February 26.

The vaccination of the AstraZeneca vaccine began on February 26, and the Pfizer vaccine began a day later on February 27.

The AstraZeneca vaccine has been vaccinated against workers and patients in nursing hospitals under the age of 65, and the Pfizer vaccine will be given to medical staff at the coronavirus treatment hospital.

From mid-March, it will be inoculated to coronavirus-related respondents, including medical staff, and vaccinations for senior citizens aged 65 or older will begin in May.

After July, the vaccination begins for adults.

South Korea has the above coronavirus vaccination plan and plans to form immunity from the coronavirus in November at the latest.

As Koreans are highly willing to get coronavirus vaccinations, it is expected to proceed as planned, but the supply and demand of vaccines is expected to be a problem.

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