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Yut Nori

Yut Nori is Korean traditional board game. Normally Korean play Yut Nori on Seolnal(Lunar new eyar’s day) Equipment of Yut Nori are Yut, Malpan and Mal. Yut is a kind of stick which has mark on the face. Malpan is the...

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2011 Korea Holidays

2011 year, Official Korean Holidays 1 Jan 2011 : New year’s day 2 Feb ~4 Feb 2011 : Seolnal 1 Mar 2011 : Independence Movement day 5 May 2011 : Childrens’day 10 May 2011 : Buddha’s Birthday 6 Jun 2011 : Memorial day 15 Aug 2011...

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Seollal [Lunar new year’s day]

The one of big holiday of Korea, normally 3 ~ 4 days off. [Seol] meaning is “begin, start”, [lal] meaning is “day”, so Seollal meannng is new year’s day. Korean visit their hometown to be with...

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