Yut Nori, 游乐场

Yut Nori is Korean traditional board game.
Normally Korean play Yut Nori on Seolnal(Lunar new eyar’s day)

Equipment of Yut Nori are Yut, Malpan and Mal.

Yut and Token

Yut is a kind of stick which has mark on the face.
Malpan is the board, and Mal is a small token.

Yut Malpan

Nori meaning is a game. so I can transfer Yut Nori to Yut Game.

Each team start with 4 tokens. The team has to move 4 tokens to final position.

I attache image about how to play Yut nori Enlgish, Japanese and Chinese.
I think rule is not hard to understand. If you have chance, enjoy Yut Nori.

How to play Yut English
How to play Yut Japanese
How to play Yut Chinese

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