Beaches Slated for Early Opening in June

As the hot summer months draw near, Korea is heeding the season’s call and opening its beaches a little ahead of schedule.
Weather reports are anticipating an early summer arrival, so city official are taking notice.
To keep up with demand, beaches nationwide have decided to open earlier than in previous years.
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The first to open to the public were the beaches of Jin-do Gagye and Sinji Myeongsasimni on Wan-do Island. Both opened to the public on June 2nd. Located in the southwest corner of the peninsula, Jeollanam-do also boasts its fair share of dramatic beaches. Of these, Jin-do is arguably one of the finest. Jin-do, in collaboration with Hanam Songho, Jangheung Sumun, Yeosu Manseongni, Sinan Daegwang, and 61 other beaches in the province, plan to open on June 28th.

To add to the festivities, the northeast province of Gangwon-do, which has a total of 102 beautiful beaches, will open earlier than previous years, beginning as early as July. Gangneung’s Gyeonpo beach is planning to open two days earlier than previous years on July 4th, along with Juminjin and 21 other local beaches.

Moving over to the west coast, the white, pristine sands of Daecheon Beach, along with Jellabuk-do’s provincial beaches, plan to open two days earlier as well on June 28th. The eleven beaches on the tropical island of Jeju, will follow suit and also open on June 28th.

From : Offcial Site of Korea Tourism Org

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