Typhoon Jangmi or Tropical Depression Enteng coming to Korea

On August 8, 2020, a tropical depression suddenly formed in the northeast coast of the Philippines, and it is expected to become the No. 5 typhoon Jangmi in 2020.

It was created at 2 a.m. local time in the Philippines and 3 a.m. Korean time, so it was called Enteng in the Philippines.

Suddenly generated tropical depression Enteng, it is expected to grow into a typhoon.
It is expected to be the 5th typhoon Jangmi in 2020, but the problem is the expected path.

Typhoon Jangmi or Tropical Depression Enteng coming to Korea
source : Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration

As shown in the image above, it is expected to proceed directly to the north, and the current expected route is cut off near Korea in the image above.
It is expected to land through the west coast to the central region of Korea and escape to the east coast.

First, as the expected path may change, we need to watch it a little more, but it is expected that it will do some damage to Korea.
This heavy rain has already caused a lot of rain damage in Korea, which is a big deal.

When this tropical depression Enteng becomes a typhoon Jangmi, it will continue to be kept small in size when a typhoon occurs, and you will have to keep monitoring the expected path.
I hope that it will not cause much damage to Korea by turning it to the east even a little.

If this tropical depression Enteng does not grow due to a typhoon Jangmi, it is expected to move north as expected, which will affect Korea.

Eventually, it grew into a typhoon Jangmi.

typhoon Jangmi, tropical storm Jangmi
source : Korea Meteorological Administration

Eventually, it grew into a typhoon Jangmi on August 9.
Overseas, it is called a tropical storm Jangmi, but in Korea it is called a typhoon Jangmi.

On August 10, typhoon Jangmi is expected to pass through the eastern sea of Jeju Island and land in Busan or pass through the eastern coast of Busan.
I hope there will be no big damage to Korea.

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