Month: November 2010

Yeonpyeongdo island

[ad#Google Adsense-336-center] Division Section : Yeonpyeongmyeon, Ongingun, Incheon, South Korea Population : 1,387 (2006) Location : about 80Km west of Incheon, near the Northern Limit Line(38th parallel north) and only 12 km...

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College Scholastic Ability Test

[ad#Chitika 486] Korean callled it Daehak Suhak neungnyeok Siheom. Daehak meaning is Colloge, Suhak meaning is scholastic, Neungnyeok is ability, and Siheom is test. College scholastic ability test(CSAT) is a standard for all...

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CNNGo TV Seoul episode part 2

[ad#Google Adsense-336-center] This video is park 2 about Seoul life. Daniel Henney, Aesoon Ahn, Benson Lee and Hyori Lee talk about Hike, Daehangno, Namjune Paik art Center and Corso Como Cafe.

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