Phase 2 of the Airport Railroad Express (AREX) will be opened 29 Dec 2010

The Airport Railroad Express will be opened perfect route on 29 Dec 2010.
We will have another way without traffic jam, car accident and the weather between Incheon International Airport and Seoul station.

Incheon Airport Railroad Express
Incheon Airport Railroad Express Route

The AREX is running between Incheon international airport and Kimpo domestic airport. This route is not comfortable access to Seoul, If you want to get in Seoul by AREX, you got to transfer Seoul subway line number 9 at Kimpo domestic airport station. Seoul subway line number 9 is going to South area of Han river.

If all route of AREX is open. We will get more convenience to get in Seoul, It will be take 40 ~ 50 minute between Seoul Station and Incheon International Airport, It is more shortly that Airport Limousine bus at least 10 minute.
also city airport terminal will be opened in Seoul Station. This meaning is we can boarding and checking baggage in Seoul Station.

KORAIL has plan which KTX will be run to Incheon International Airport by 2012.
But we need to watch out, it will be happen by 2012 or by 2013.

Before all route of AREX opening I will post again with detail such as time schedule and fare.

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