College Scholastic Ability Test

Korean callled it Daehak Suhak neungnyeok Siheom.
Daehak meaning is Colloge, Suhak meaning is scholastic,
Neungnyeok is ability, and Siheom is test.

College scholastic ability test(CSAT) is a standard for all Korean Universities and Colleges. The CSAT is managed by the Korea Institute of Curriculum and Examination. The CSAT is a one time for one year, normally on second Thursday of November.

Test content and period

First period : Korean Language : 08:40~10:00 (80min)
Second period : Mathematics : 10:30~12:10 (100min)
Third period : English language : 13:10~14:20 (70min)
Fourth period : Social studies, Sciences,Vocational Education : 14:50~16:56(126min)
Fifth period : Foreign Languages(Select 1 subject) : 17:25~18:05 (40min)

Korean students start preparing for this test as early as the can, it can be elementary or before elementary or middle school. If students got high score on this test, they can easily apply or can choose more widely Universities and Colleges. The CSAT pressure is a really big, some student choose a wrong way such as suicide.

I had tested a more than 10 years ago, When I looked at this period, high school. it was not really bad for me.
Korea Government keep trying change, and fix this test or education system of Korea. I hope it will be batter than past or now.

The CSAT day, every year, marvelous thing is a really cold. we do not know the reason, but this test day temperature lower than another day on Nov.

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