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Yut Nori

Yut Nori is Korean traditional board game. Normally Korean play Yut Nori on Seolnal(Lunar new eyar’s day) Equipment of Yut Nori are Yut, Malpan and Mal. Yut is a kind of stick which has mark on the face. Malpan is the...

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College Scholastic Ability Test

[ad#Chitika 486] Korean callled it Daehak Suhak neungnyeok Siheom. Daehak meaning is Colloge, Suhak meaning is scholastic, Neungnyeok is ability, and Siheom is test. College scholastic ability test(CSAT) is a standard for all...

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Vacantion Season of Korea

[ad#Google Adsense-336-center] The vacation season is started. In case of Korea, vacation season is started middle of July or after monsoon season finished middle of August. The peak of vacation period is between 25 July and 5...

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