Tangsuyuk (Deep Fried Pork + Sweet and Sour Sauce)

Tangsuyuk is one of the most popular menus in Korean Chinese restaurants.
It is a combination of deep fried pork and sweet and sour sauce.

The name of Tangsuyuk is a combination of Tangsu for sauce and Yuk for pork.
The sauce is made thick by boiling sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, and seasoning and mixing starch, and vegetables include cabbage, cucumber, carrot, onion, bell pepper, and wood mushroom.
It is the cook’s ability to maintain crispyness even if the sauce is poured on the fried pork.


Tangsuyuk was a high-end dish in Korean Chinese restaurants but it is becoming more popular.
As it becomes popular, the price is getting lower, but the sauce is getting sweeter and sour and the quality of fried pork is decreasing.

The number of Chinese restaurants in Korea has increased, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to find restaurants that sell delicious Tangsuyuk.
In other words, there is not a small difference in the taste of sweet and sour pork depending on the Chinese restaurant.

In some cases, Korean Search and visit Chinese restaurants that are open for a long time in the provinces to eat delicious Tangsuyuk.

The taste is changing like this, but it is too good for foreigners to eat.
All foreigners will like the non-spicy, sweet and sour taste.
Especially with jajangmyeon, it will be a very good meal.
It’s good with soju or beer.

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