Cheonjiyeon Falls Jeju island

Jeju Island’s representative waterfall, Cheonjiyeon Falls, is a place you can’t miss during your trip to Jeju Island.

  • Cheon (meanning : sky)- Ji (meanning : land) – Yeon (meanning : connect)

The water of Cheonjiyeon Falls appears to fall from the heavens, giving it its name, meaning “sky connected with land.” The wooded area around the falls is home to the wild dampalsu trees, designated as Natural Monument No. 163, as well as a great variety of rare plants such as brambles, and songyeopnan as well as gusiljappam trees, sanyuja trees (Chinese lemon trees), and camellias. All together, this forest is designated as Natural Monument No. 379. The waterfall is 22 meters high, 12 meters wide and 20 meters in depth. The clear and deep water of Cheonjiyeon Falls is designated as Natural Monument No. 27 and is renowned as a habitat for Mutae eels (Natural Monument No. 258).


Cheonjiyeon Falls tour info

  • Operating Hours : 09:00-22:00 (Last ticketing 21:20)
  • Address : 667-7, Cheonji-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
  • Admission Fees : Adults 2,000 won / Teenagers & Children 1,000 won
  • Parking Fees : Free

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