Actor Oh Yeong-su, Gganbu Grandpa in Squid Game

I think Oh Yeong-su is the actor who is receiving the most attention in the squid game.
In Korea, actor Oh Yeong-su is nicknamed gganbu Grandpa.

Actor Oh Yeong-su is an actor that even Koreans did not know well.
The reason is that he is a theater actors.
Occasionally, he appeared in dramas and movies, almost for the role of a monk.
That’s why actor Oh Yeong-su was also called a monk actor.

Born in 1944, he began acting in 1967.
He graduated from Dongguk University, which belongs to the top class among acting-related departments in Korea, and has continued to live as a theater actor since then.

It is said that there are nearly 200 plays starring actor Oh Yeong-su, but this is not accurate.
This is because it is not recorded accurately.

Since he is a theater actor, there are not many materials left.
There are few videos and few photos, so it is not easy to find.
I found a few videos, but I couldn’t find a way to link them to my blog.

Nameless Flowers Fall by Wind Oh Yeong-su
Nameless Flowers Fall by Wind, 1986, center
Sportseoul Interview 2009 - Oh Yeong-su
Sportseoul Interview, 2009
Bulyeokqaejae 2016 (I gave up translate to English)
Two Heros, 2016
Bloom wither bloom wither - Oh Yeong-su
Bloom wither bloom wither, 2018
Bloom wither bloom wither Highlight
Snow in March - Oh Yeong-su
Snow in March, 2018

Actor Oh Yeong-su

In Korea, there is a fried chicken brand called gganbu Chicken, and actor Oh Yeong-su explains gganbu in the squid game.
For this reason, Gganbu Chicken requested a commercial, but actor Oh Yeong-su refused.

Actress Oh Yeong-su, who gained popularity through squid game.
I don’t know if he will continue to remain a theater actor or appear in movies or dramas in earnest.
I will look forward to good acting in the future.

PS: Oh Yeong-su’s Google profile includes a movie written by Oh Yeong-su, a writer of the same name.

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  1. Oh Yeong-su, is a great actor. His performance in the marbles game made my heart ache so much, I moarned his character’s passing, as if I’d lost my own grandpa. Awesome!

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