Jeju Hueree Hydrangea Festival 2022

Jeju Hueree Hydrangea Festival 2022 will be held at Hueree Nature Life Park from March 25th.

Hueree Hydrangea Festival 2020 is expected to be a popular representative spring festival for Jeju residents and visitors can enjoy various hydrangeas carefully grown throughout the park, including greenhouses, hydrangea gardens, and hydrangea Oreum.

In particular, you can meet various hydrangeas first this spring in the greenhouse, and we will prepare European hydrangeas and run them until late summer.

Hueree Hydrangea Festival which will be richer than the previous year, is an essential course for Jeju trips, recognized as a good place to take pictures of your life, such as honeymoon, wedding snaps, and friends, and you will be able to make beautiful memories with your family, lovers, and friends.

Jeju Hueree Hydrangea Festival 2022
  • Period : 25 Mar ~ 31 May 2022
  • Location: 256 Sinryedong-ro, Namwon-eup, Seogwipo
  • Contact: 064) 732-2114

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