Jellyfish is coming to Korea

The moving of Nomura’s Jellyfish is detected. It is estimated about 160,000 Jellyfishes.
The Jellyfish is moving from Northeast sea of China to South sea of Jeju, it will move to South sea of Korea and finally will move to East sea of Korea.

The Nomura’s Jellyfish can kill people by their poison. We have to be careful.
You can get a information about Nomura’s Jellyfish at Wikipedia site.

If you got attack by jellyfish, you can do first aid by yourself or your company.
but I recommend get cure by specialist.

first of all, stop the swimming and find a lifesaver of the beach.
A lifesaver will be lead you to doctor or hospital.

Jellyfish is coming to Korea

Remember, last year, 650 peoples have problem with Jellyfish at the beach of Busan.
You can be the one of 650 peoples, be careful.

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