Social distancing will be eliminated in Korea from April 18.

Social distancing caused by COVID-19 will be completely lifted in Korea.
From April 18, there will be no restrictions on business hours and the number of people who gather, and there will be no restrictions on the number of people at events and rallies.

Although all restrictions seem to be removed like this, wearing a mask remains the same.
The decision on wearing a mask was decided to be made again in two weeks.
Wearing a mask is expected to change to something that does not have to be done outdoors in two weeks, and it is outdoors, but it should be worn if a large number of people gather.

Facilities such as nursing hospitals maintain current restrictions.

What will be changed from the 25th is

From the 25th, food will be available at indoor multi-use facilities such as indoor sports facilities, movie theaters, and indoor end facilities.

In addition, the COVID-19 infectious disease level will be changed from the current first grade to the second grade.
By the end of May, quarantine treatment for COVID-19 will be eliminated and treatment will be available at general hospitals.
With the disappearance of quarantine measures, the government’s support for medical treatment and living support expenses will also be suspended.

Points to Note for Overseas Travelers Visiting Korea

The policy announcement will allow overseas travelers to enjoy trips to Korea like before COVID-19.

In particular, you can enjoy the dawn of Korea at restaurants, including clubs in Hongdae and Itaewon, which are open until dawn.

However, you must wear a mask no matter what.
Please Make sure to wear a mask.

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