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Bung – eo – Ppang Bungeo meaning is “Crucian Carp”, Ppaang meaning is...

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Twi-gim Twigim meaning is Deep fried. Twigim is one of popular Korean Street food. You can easily...

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Korean Corn dog

  Usually Korean called it not Corn dog but Hot dog. I do not know why it named Hot dog. and...

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Gyeran Ppang

Gye-Ran-Ppang Gyeran meaning is “egg”, Ppang meaning is “Bread”. I think I...

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Sundae [sun-dae] Pork intestines are filled with glass noodles and glutinous rice. Sundae is also...

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Tteokbokki is a very Popular Korean Street Food. The age does not matter for this food. I can say...

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