Bung – eo – Ppang

Bungeo meaning is “Crucian Carp”, Ppaang meaning is “bread”
so I can translate BungeoPpang is Crucian Carp shaped waffle.


Recipe of Bungeoppang is similar to Gyeranppang.
Bungeoppang made of a waffle, Baked in a Fish shaped mold. and include a red bean paste.

Bungeoppang is a one of winter Korean street food.
You can easily meet on the street.
Price of Bungeoppang is normally 1,000 KRW for 3 EA or 4EA.
(Due to inflation in Korea, 1,000 KRW per piece is now the typical price in 2023.)
If you want to just taste Bungeoppang, you can ask vendor price of only one Bungeoppang. I guess you can buy only one Bungeoppang.

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