Korean Corn dog – Hot dog

Usually Korean called it not Corn dog but Hot dog.

I do not know why it named Hot dog.

and Korean called Regullar Hot dog as Hot dog.

so Korean does not divide a name of Corn dog and Hot dog. but dose know difference.

Korean Corn dog is also a kind of street Food.

You can see Corn dog on the street.

Korean Corn dog 01
Korean Corn dog 02

Price of Corn dog is around 1,500 KRW ~2,000 KRW

Special Corn dog, like a added taste of Potato, Green tea or added fried Potato is more expensive.

If vendor does not understand Corn dog, you got to say Hot dog.

and vendor will ask “which one you like dust on the Corn dog?” Usually vendor dust Sugar, Mustard, ketchup. You can choose one or all or nothing.

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