The Fugitive-PlanB

New drama has being on air, English title is The Fugitive : Plan B, Korean title is Do-mang-ja.
Domangja means “fugitive” or “Runaway”.

It’s air time is 9:55PM Wednesday and Thursday, from KBS2 network.

Casting is a amazing, we can meet Rain(Jihoon Jung: Real name), Nayoung Lee, Jungjin Lee and Danile Henney.
also we can meet famous several supporting actor and actress in Korea.

This drama is showing to us good view or scene of Asia country, because Filming location are Korea, japan, China, Taiwan, Macao, Hongkong and Philipine. I think this drama is making for the Market of Asia.

But rating of this drama is going down in Korea.
A leading actor, Rain has a some kind of gossip. nobody know how his gossip will going on
and  Korean viewer like to know why they have to runaway.

Anyway The Fugitive : Plan B is a great expected drama of 2010.
I will keep watching until last episode.

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