The Fugitive: Plan B

The Fugitive-PlanB

New drama has being on air, English title is The Fugitive : Plan B, Korean title is Do-mang-ja.
Domangja means “fugitive” or “Runaway”.

It’s air time is 9:55PM Wednesday and Thursday, from KBS2 network.

Casting is a amazing, we can meet Rain(Jihoon Jung: Real name), Nayoung Lee, Jungjin Lee and Danile Henney.
also we can meet famous several supporting actor and actress in Korea.

The Fugitive: Plan B is showing to us good view or scene of Asia country, because Filming location are Korea, japan, China, Taiwan, Macao, Hongkong and Philipine. I think this drama is making for the Market of Asia.

But rating of this drama is going down in Korea.
A leading actor, Rain has a some kind of gossip. nobody know how his gossip will going on
and  Korean viewer like to know why they have to runaway.

Anyway The Fugitive : Plan B is a great expected drama of 2010.
I will keep watching until last episode.

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