Park Bo-gum Enlisted for the Army on August 31st.

Park Bo-gum will go to the Navy on August 31.
Considering that Park Bo-gum’s age is under 30, it seems that he applied for voluntary military service.

For your information, all men in Korea must join the army.
18 months for the Army, 20 months for the Navy, and 22 months for the Air Force.

Park Bo-gum is very popular now.
I think it’s a compliment to volunteer to join the Navy at times like this.
He could have postponed his enlistment until he is 30.
Woo Do-hwan also volunteered to join the army, but Park Bo-gum is behind him.

Park Bo-gum will join the army, but the last drama he filmed before joining the Navy is scheduled to premiere on September 7.

Record of Youth K-drama

It will be aired on tvN and the title of the drama is Record of Youth.
Park So-dam of the movie Parasite and Byeon Woo-seok are also appearing.

As the title of the drama tells us, it seems to be related to the growth of young people.

I also showed his good acting in Itaewon class and I’m looking forward to this drama.
As it is a TVN drama, I think it will be distributed on Netflix.

I don’t think I’ll be able to meet Park Bo-gum for a long time after this drama.
I look forward to returning to the military after being discharged from the military.‚Äč

Park Bo-gum Joins the Navy on 31 Aug.

ark Bo-gum Joins the Navy on 31 Aug.
image from Yonhap News

In order to prevent the spread of the Corona 19 virus, Park Bo-gum’s fans did not come out to see him off, so he quietly joined the Navy.

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