2020 Korea Sale Festa will begin on 1st November.

2020 Korea Sale Festa will begin on 1st November.

About 2020 Korea Sale Festa

2020 KOREA Sale FESTA is a shopping week in the Republic of Korea in which major Korean distribution, manufacturing, and service companies participate.
From November 1 to 15, a variety of discount events and promotions will take place in diverse channels –online shopping malls, duty-free shops, department stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, and traditional markets.

Even without visiting Korea, you will have the chance to buy K-beauty and K-fashion products that are popular among global communities at reasonable prices through online shopping malls participating in the 2020 KOREA Sale FESTA.

If you are currently staying in Korea, we recommend you to use the Korea Tour Card and Smart Help Desk.

Please make sure to benefit from KOREA Sale FESTA and don’t miss various events as well!

Places :
Department Store Association Chain Store Association
Duty Free Shop Association Online Shop Association
CVS Association Franchise Store Association
National Merchant Federation
Korea Supermarket Cooperative Federation
Korea Super Chain Distribution Industry Cooperative

2020 Korea Sale Festa Website : https://www.koreasalefesta.kr/en/

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