OCN Drama Search scheduled to air in October

The drama Search is scheduled to air in October.
There’s something special about this search, so I’d like to introduce it in advance.

The drama Search is a military thriller drama about a top-notch search party formed to uncover the secrets of a mysterious disappearance and murder that began in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) on the front line.

“Search” is the fourth OCN dramatic cinema project that combines the format of movies and dramas, with a large number of film producers joining forces to produce well-made genres through the raw production of movies and the dense story of dramas.

OCN Drama Search scheduled to air in October

OCN will air a drama about a special topic, which will be followed by a search drama.

The DMZ setting is unique, and the main character is a soldier who reads military dogs, which makes us look forward to it.

Let’s look forward to what happens in the DMZ and how the drama search will work out.

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