Chan Ho Park, going to Japan

Chanho Park going to Japan
Picture From Osen

Chan Ho Park is leaving Major League.
He has got in Major League at LA Dodgers in 1994, He is The First Korean Major League player.
He will be remembered The First Korean Major League Player forever.

Chan Ho park has signed with Orix Buffaloes of Japan Baseball League for 1 years.
He has wanted to learn about Japan Baseball for experience to spread at Korea, he already has more than 15 years Major League experience.
Also his wife is Japanese-Korean, Japan is good for his family.
and Orix Buffaloes suggest Start Pitcher to Park.
I think the above is reason to sign with Orix Buffaloes.

Park has mention about his retirement several times, He want to retire in Korea.
I guess if Park show us good score in Japan, he will extend Japan life.
but I want to see his play in Korea at 2012 because he is already 38 years old.

Anyway I wish Park’s good play in Japan.

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