GSL Starcraft2 League

Oops, I did not know GomTV has another site for English.
Gomtv is a famous site for Game League in Korea such as Warcraft III, Starcraft, World of Warcraft and etc.

GSL Starcraft2 League

Gomtv Site is managed and maintained by Gretech Corporation.
Gretech Corporation has started GomMedia video play Program. GomMedia Program is easy to play video and User does not need to check Codec to play Video File.
After GomMedia Program had a popularity, Gretech Corporation released GomAudio and GomEncorder programs. Also Gretech Corportation had opened GomTV site for online Media Service.

Anyway, I have liked to watch matches about Warcraft III and Starcraft at GomTV Sites, but this matches and league can be watched on another broadcast.
When Starcraft II released, Gretech corporation singed an exclusive contract with Blizzard Corportaion about E-Sports and Broadcasting of Blizzard Product.
So these days Gomtv is only channel to watch Starcraft II League.

Now Sony Ericsson Global StarCraft II League 2010 Open season is started.
I am watching at GomTV Site, it does not need pay and register to watch. I just need to be connected at internet. is a Korean Site. is an English Site. but is need join to watch the matches.
Enjoy StarCraft II League. The paly of progamers amazing me every watching.

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