Free shuttle bus from Seoul to Gangwondo

Another free shuttle bus line was added.
This shuttle bus is running from Seoul to Gangwondo.
It called “white Line”. I guess it is for winner ski season.

This free shuttle bus run from 5th December 2010 to 25th February 2011.
Departure time is same as another free shuttle bus, 8 AM.
Departure place is Donghwa duty free shop everyday except Monday.

This bus arrive at Yongpyong Resort(11:30), Alpensia Resort(11:45) and Gangneung Jungang Market(13:00).
The return bus depart Gangneung Jungang Market(17:00), Alpensia Resort(18:00) and Yongpyong Resort(18:25). The return bus arrive at Seoul 21:45

This free shuttle bus is also same to ride. You have to reserve at

This free shuttle bus is for only international visitors.
I am not sure meaning about international visitors, I think you need to prepare your passport or air ticket.

I did not know Visit Korea Year until read article about free shuttle bus, I just hope tourist join or enjoy some program for Visit korea Year, but in my opinion, promotion is not enough.
so when you decide Korea tour, spend your more time to get information. I think you can get more good opportunity.

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