Hyundai-Kia Motors Co., 490,000 Theta II engines, lifetime warranty in South Korea

Hyundai-Kia has announced compensation procedures for vehicles equipped with the Theta II GDi engine. It is a follow-up measure to the life-long guarantee decision of the Theta II GDi engine, which was decided in October last year.

The target vehicle is Hyundai-Kia with a 2.4 GDi engine and a 2.0 turbo GDi engine. Specifically, there are 490,000 Sonata (YF/LF), Grandeur(Azera) (HG/IG), Santa Fe (DM/TM), Veloster N, K5(Optima) (TF/JF), K7(Kadenza) (VG/YG), Sportage (SL), and Sorento (UM).

The above vehicles can receive an engine vibration monitoring system (KSDS) software update at Hyundai-Kia official service center. Through this, vehicles found to have damaged engine connecting road bearings will be provided with a lifetime guarantee for the engine (short block assembly), and compensation will be given to customers who have received paid repairs due to the same problem.

Hyundai-Kia Motors said in a notice on its website, “We have decided to implement a lifetime engine guarantee policy for the Theta II GDi engine vehicles sold in Korea to enhance customer satisfaction,” adding, “We hope you can visit the nearest service network to receive KSDS software updates.”

In 2017, Hyundai-Kia recalled 171,000 units with the Theta II engine for the same symptoms. At that time, Hyundai-Kia was suspected of delaying the recall even after learning of a defective Theta II engine, and is currently on trial in connection with it.

Hyundai-Kia had extended its guarantee for the Theta II engine by 10 years/160,000 kilometers in 2016 due to problems with foreign substances in the engine. However, in the North American market, 15 years/unlimited guarantees were provided due to the same problem, causing controversy over discrimination, and only promised unlimited guarantees at the 2017 parliamentary audit.

Theta II engine is a really problematic engine.
Especially since the declaration of conscience of internal staff that Hyundai Kia knew the problem, it has been a lot of issues in Korea.
At least in Korea, the driving distance of cars is rather short, so it seemed to go by somehow, but I’m glad to hear that we have a lifetime guarantee.



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