OCN K Drama Dark Hole, Kim Ok-bin and Lee Joon-hyuk

OCN Drama Dark Hole

Director : Kim Bong-joo
Writers : Jung Yi-do
Cast : Kim Ok-bin, Lee Joon-hyuk, Im Won-hee
Network : OCN
Date of airing : 30 Apr 2021 ~ 5 Jun 2021
12 episodes

The OCN drama Dark Hole premiered on April 30.
A total of 12 episodes are expected to continue the unique merits of OCN drama.

Dark Hole change as people who drink black smoke from large sinkholes amplify their negative emotions, and appear to be a drama that fights them.
It feels similar to Sweet Home distributed on Netflix.
Dark Hole are also stories of mutant humans who do not appear zombies but are similar to zombies and have emotions.

Another reason why I’m looking forward to dark holes is because actor Kim Ok-bin appears.
Kim Ok-bin, who has also made great achievements in Korean women’s action films as a movie The Villainess, is looking forward to what kind of acting she will show in the drama.
The acting of Lee Joon-hyuk and Lim Yoon-hee is also worth looking forward to.

Finally, Kim Bong-joo, the director of Dark Hole, is a film director.
It is the first time to direct a drama, and I am looking forward to how to complete it.

The development is expected to proceed at a fairly rapid pace, with a total of 12 episodes.
As OCN’s drama is gaining the most popularity these days, we should watch Dark Hole with high expectations.

You can see the Dark Hole in Rakuten Viki.

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