Ansungtangmyun, Korean ramen

​The ramen I buy these days is Ansungtangmyun.
I’ve been buying Shin Ramyun, but now I’m burdened with the spicy taste of Shin Ramyun, so I’ve changed it to Ansungtangmyun.

Ansungtangmyun Story

In 1983, when Samyang Ramen dominated the Korean ramen market, Nongshim launched Ansungtangmyun.
After its launch, Samyang Ramen will be pushed out and Ansungtangmyun will be the top spot.
After that, Nongshim launched Shin Ramyun and gained a strong position in the Korean ramen market.

Ansungtangmyun is a ramen based on soybean paste.
It was first introduced as a high-end ramen, but now it is in the low price range.

Ansungtangmyun in Korea

I know that Ansungtangmyun is sold overseas, but it tastes different from Ansungtangmyun in Korea.
I think it’s localized.

ansungtangmyun, korean ramen

The price of Ansungtangmyun is between 600 KRW (USD 0.5) and 700 KRW (USD 0.58) each.

ansungtangmyun, korean ramen

The recipe, ingredients, and calories are marked on the back of the wrapping paper.

ansungtangmyun, korean ramen

Ansungtangmyun in Korea is contained in a square shape, and there is only one powder soup.
As far as I know, Ansungtangmyun overseas is circular.

ansungtangmyun, korean ramen

The taste of Ansungtangmyun is plain.
This plain taste can be both an advantage and a disadvantage.
I’m thinking of buying Jin Ramen from now on.

For your information, it’s good to put rice cake and eggs in when you cook ramen.
It is not easy to buy rice cake overseas, so I recommend you to put eggs in it, and if you can buy frozen dumplings of Korean brand(such as Bibigo), I recommend you to put in 2-3 of them and boil them together.

Korean Ramen market

It is not easy to raise the price of ramen in Korea.
Because the price of ramen is reflected in the price index of Korea.
For this reason, unfortunately, the taste of ramen is getting worse.
It seems that Ansungtangmyun has been losing popularity as its taste has changed several times since it was sold.

In fact, the taste of Shin Ramyun is getting worse, and some say that Shin Ramyun Black tastes the same as the taste of the old Shin Ramyun.
As far as I know, the price of Shin Ramyun sold overseas is higher than that of Shin Ramyun in Korea. I think the taste of ramen will be maintained abroad.

The ramen market in Korea is very competitive.
There are many kinds of ramen, so it’s hard to try it once.
It seems that Korean ramen is gradually gaining popularity abroad.
If you have a chance, please try it.

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