Kingdom : The Crown Prince – One more supplementary story of Netflix kingdom

Kingdom : The Crown Prince, featuring Ju Ji-hoon’s role as the crown prince, will be produced.
Kingdom : The Crown Prince will cover the story of the crown prince’s past and present.

On July 23, Kingdom : Ashin of the North was unveiled on Netflix.
I was expecting Kingdom Season 3 in the following order, but they said they were preparing another additional story.

What’s more surprising is the news that director Kang Yoon-sung is directing Kingdom : The Crown Prince.
Director Kang Yoon-sung introduced a new crime action film with The Outlaws in 2017.
The Outlaws gained considerable popularity in Korea.
I am looking forward to how the new Kingdom directed by Kang Yoon-sung will be produced.

Anyway, when can I watch Kingdom Season 3?

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