Suju palbong, Chungju

Suju palbong is a scenic spot located in Chungju, Chungcheongbuk-do, and is now famous as a place to enjoy camping for free camping.
The famous Korean drama “Vincenzo” was also filmed at Suju palbong.

Drama Vincenzo Suju Palbong
Drama Vincenzo

Suju palbong is the name given to the place where the water flows in the middle of dawn, and if you look up, you can see eight peaks.

Suju : means that the river flows around the village in a U-shape.
Palbong : means 8 peaks. Pal(8)-bong(peaks)

In simple terms, they are eight peaks standing on the water.

Suju palbong, Chungju

When you arrive at Suju palbong, you will arrive at the back of Suju palbong.
A bridge is installed for tourists.

Suju palbong, Chungju

Signs indicating the location of the drama’s filming site for Vincenzo episode 16.
For more information, Vincenzo was also filmed in MokgyeSolbat, Chungju.

Suju palbong, Chungju

I came across to see the scenery of Suju palbong.
This is the Suju palbong campsite that is popular with many campers.

Suju palbong, Chungju

There are so many cars on campus.
In Korea, sleeping camping in cars or camping by car is popular, and Suju palbong is visited by so many campers.
More campers seem to have come in the middle of summer.

Chungju Suju Palbong

It looks hectic with many visitors in the middle of summer, but when the weather gets cold, fewer visitors can visit and enjoy the scenery of Suju palbong.
If you visit Chungju, Suju palbong recommends you to visit.

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