How to catch Taxi in South Korea

Catching a taxi is easy in Korea. I am talking about Regular Taxi.

You just need to stand at sides of road, and raise your arm when you see taxi without passengers.

Maybe taxi driver can just pass you by reason of language. so don’t be upset.

11:00 PM ~ 01:00 AM is peak time for taxi. it you do not have luck, you got to wait a for while.

and special day, like a Christmas, the end of year… , Peak time will give you hot time.

If you are in below case, I recommend use taxi.

  • short distance
  • have company
  • destination is too far form subway station

If you want to use taxi during the rush hours, you need your patience.

The morning rush hour is 07:00 ~ 09:00 AM, the evening rush hour is 05:30 ~ 08:00 PM.

Before catch the taxi, you need to check your destination.

Just few Korean taxi driver can speak English.

1. If you can get assist from your Hotel info desk, or anybody who can speak English, Write your destination down in Hangeul.
I can tell you it is the best way.

2. You can use free interpretation service in taxi.
You can see a Free Interpretation label in a taxi, taxi driver make phone call to interpreter. You will talk to interpreter in English, Interpreter will talk to the taxi driver in taxi.
But I have not use this system, so I can not recommend.

3. With Map.
Just point the your destination on the map. or show your smartphone map app.
I recommended Kakao map or Naver Map.
google map and Apple map are not good in South Korea.

Some taxi driver can not know location of your destination. but do not worry about it, all most taxi has the navigation system.

Korean taxi can be divided 3 Kinds.
Regular taxi, Deluxe taxi, Jumbo taxi.

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