Lotte World ticket price increase on Apr 1

Lotte World ticket prices will rise from April 1.

Starting on the 1st of next month, the price of comprehensive adult 1 Day tickets for both Lotte World and Folk Museum will be raised from 59,000 won to 62,000 won.

Free 1 Day tickets for teenagers will rise from 52,000 won to 54,000 won. The After4 ticket that can be used after 4 p.m. will rise from 48,000 won to 50,000 won for adults and 43,000 won for teenagers.

The annual free pass will be raised from 220,000 won to 250,000 won for adults and adolescents and from 170,000 won to 180,000 won for children. The annual free pass price, including free parking, is the same at 290,000 won.

Foreign tourists are expected to visit Korea from April 1st, and the peak of Omicron Virus in Korea is passing, so Lotte World’s decision to raise ticket prices seems timely.

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