I have visited The Hyundai seoul.

The Hyundai Seoul, the largest department store in Seoul, opened On February 26.
Since the opening, many people have flocked to visit.
Now I visited more modern Seoul because the crowd seems to have decreased.

Many brands have entered The Hyundai seoul.
There are many brands, and the size of department stores is large, but the best thing is that the most popular restaurants are gathered right now.

For overseas travelers visiting Korea, The Hyundai seoul cannot be said to have much merit.
It’s in department stores and everywhere in the world.

If you don’t have much time, eating in The Hyundai seoul may be one way.
In particular, there are restaurants from various countries, including burgers and sandwiches, so it might suit the taste of foreign tourists.

Unfortunately, The Hyundai seoul is not directly connected to the subway station.
Yeouido Station(Number 5) is close, so you have to get off at the station and walk a little.

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