The law has been changed to allow Korean boy band BTS members to officially delay their military enlistment until the age of 30.

‚ÄčKorean men are obliged to serve in the military.

However, special exceptions are made when ranking in the Olympic or Asian Games. The World Cup and World Baseball Championship will also be included.

There have been constant opinions that BTS members should be given these military service benefits.
This is because BTS is gaining popularity around the world and BTS plays a significant role in promoting Korea.

Personally, I don’t think it’s bad to give BTS such military service benefits.

A decision on this was made today.

Though not exempt from military service, BTS members will be allowed to postpone their military service until the age of 30.

If BTS members wish to join the military before the age of 30, they can join the military immediately. However, if BTS members continue their activities, they will not be able to join the military until the age of 30.

Jin, one of the members of BTS, was born in 1992, so it seems that he can postpone his military service until 2022. It seems that all BTS members will be active until 2022.
From 2023, the activities of BTS are expected to change considerably.


image source : ohmynews

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