Ottogi lobster ramen is released.

Ottogi announced on the 4th March that it has released “Lobster Ramen,” which contains the taste of the sea.

You can feel the deep and rich flavor of lobsters as a secret recipe pro with lobster.
* 10.59% of the lobster base powder in the soup. (0.15% of the lobster base powder)
○ The spicy and cool taste of the sea -> Various seafood and red pepper powder such as squid, mussels, shrimp are added to remind you of the sea.
The rich seafood taste and spicy soup are excellent.
○ Claw flakes -> Cute claw flakes added to the appearance.

From E-Mart Trader

The new Ottogi Lobster Ramen is a product exclusively for E-Mart Traders and features additional secret soup flavored with lobster. The soup has a spicy and cool taste with a variety of seafood and red pepper powder such as squid, mussels, and shrimp, and added claw-shaped flakes to the solid ingredients soup.

The cooking method is also simple. The explanation is that you can enjoy it more deliciously by adding an appropriate amount of powder soup and secret soup, and adding kimchi, green onions, Cheongyang peppers, and eggs according to your preference.

An official from Ottogi said, “In consideration of the increasingly subdivided and advanced consumer tastes, we have launched lobster ramen with a deep and rich flavor of lobster. Anyone can enjoy it with spicy soup and chewy noodles.”

Ottogi lobster ramen costs 12,000 KRW (about $10) for 10 pieces.
E-Mart Traders does not sell individually, so you have to buy 10 pieces to buy once.
If it is popular, it is expected to be sold at convenience stores and marts of the same affiliate.

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