Men are Men, Hwang Jeong-eum’s Another Drama 2020 year

Men are Men (2020)

Korean Title : geunomei geunomida

Hwang Jung-eum is busy.
Not long after the Mystic Pop-up Bar (雙甲路邊攤) drama ended, a new drama by Hwang Jung-eum began airing.
Of course, the timing of the drama wasn’t going to overlap, but…

The new drama is Men are Men.
If you look at the Korean title, “That Guy Is The Guy” will be the more appropriate English title, but if you look at the English language site of KBS station, it will be labeled Men are Men.

If you search Men are Men on Google, the profile of the drama is not written yet.

Men are Men drama is a romance comedy drama that can be seen lightly.
It is the type of comedy drama that can be seen lightly by former Mystic Pop-up Bar (雙甲路邊攤) dramas, and it makes me wonder if Hwang Jung-eum is only appearing in dramas of this style.

The heroine of this drama is a non-marriageist.
It is expected to be based on the story of a happening with two male characters, or a love-linked story.

It started airing on July 6 and watched up to episode 2, and it seems to be a somewhat anticipated story.
I think we should focus on this part of what small episodes will be added in the future and how the female lead will change her mind.

The male lead stars Yoon Hyun-min and Seo Jin-hoon.

I don’t expect too much. I’ll watch it lightly.

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