Typhoon Omais will strike Korea soon.

Typhoon Omais is scheduled to land in Korea soon.

Fortunately, Typhoon Omais is a small-scale typhoon, which will be the first typhoon to land in Korea in 2021, but a lot of rain is expected.

It is expected to pass Jeju Island soon and will land via Yeosu at midnight on the 23rd.

After landfall in through the Yeosu is a Typhoon Omais donghae expected to veer off the coast.

Since Jeju Island and other southern coastal areas have already had a lot of rain, the damage of Typhoon Omais is expected to be quite severe.

On the afternoon of the 24th, it is expected to escape the influence of Typhoon Omais, but it is expected to continue raining, so we should make efforts to prevent damage.


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