‚ÄčAs the weather got hotter, the existing KF masks were not easy to wear.
So as the dental mask is getting popular, the price keeps going up.

The Korean government has certified droplet infection blocking masks for the summer.
This mask is the KF-AD Anti Droplet Mask.
KF-AD masks, similar to dental masks, are light and ventilated, but they have better waterproof function and stick to the face to prevent droplet infections.

On June 5, KF-AD mask sales began at 9 a.m. at an online shopping mall of a mask company.
KF-AD masks can be purchased for up to 30 copies per person at a price of 500 won per unit, but the online shopping mall server has been down due to a large number of users.
I tried to buy a mask, but I couldn’t.

In addition to this mask manufacturer, other manufacturers will soon begin selling it. They say there are three more manufacturers.
I’m expecting that it won’t be available until late June or early July at the offline store.
It won’t be easy to keep buying until then.