SBS K Drama Taxi Driver is off to a good start.

SBS DRAMA – Taxi Driver

Title of Drama : Taxi Driver (Korean Title : Mobeam Taxi)
Director : Park Joon-woo
Writers : Oh Sang-ho
Cast : Lee Je-hoon, Esom, Kim Ui-sung, Pyo Ye-jin
Network : SBS
Date of airing : 9 Apr 2021 ~ 29 May 2021

SBS’s new drama “Taxi Driver.”
Actor Lee Je-hoon is already gaining popularity in Korea as a drama that shows off his charm.

About Korean title : Mobeam Taxi

First of all, the drama title in Korea is a Mobeam taxi, but the English title is taxi driver.
Maybe it was just a taxi driver because there was no special taxi called a Mobeam taxi abroad.

Mobeam taxis are different from regular taxis.
When you come to Korea, it is marked as a deluxe taxi in English.
Korea’s Mobeam taxis are black and run in large cars, and the fare is high.
A private taxi, not a company taxi, must be operated without accident for more than five years to be eligible to operate a Mobeam taxi.
In other words, a Mobeam taxi would be considered a luxury taxi.

About K-Drama Taxi Driver

SBS K Drama Taxi Driver

The drama taxi driver has a very simple structure.
The taxi driver takes revenge on the individual instead.
It is a form of requesting a model taxi to solve a problem that is difficult to solve by law, and the main characters solve this problem.
It seems to solve one problem for every two episodes.

Viewers are thrilled to see the taxi driver’s revenge.
Of course, action scenes are fun here, and the way to solve problems also attracts interest.

It is already showing high ratings in Korea.
As it is aired on SBS, it may be distributed on Netflix and other overseas OTTs, but if you like Korean dramas, taxi drivers are recommended.
I think I’ll have a good time every weekend until the taxi driver ends.
Taxi driver is fun enough.

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