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Japchae is a food that requires a lot of effort. For this reason, Japchae is not often eaten, but it is one of the most popular Korean foods that is not missed on anniversaries such as birthdays or parties.

It can be said that Koreans feel sad if there is no Japchae when they visit a feast house.

Japchae is a Korean food that I strongly recommend to foreigners.
Foreigners can think of it as pasta or a noodle salad.
However, Japchae is not the main dish for Koreans and can be seen as a side dish.

Japchae is also a food recommended to foreigners, but it is not easy to recommend a delicious Japchae restaurant.
Japchae has a significant difference in taste depending on the person who makes it.
It’s a simple cooking method, and it can be said that the difference is too big depending on the difference in soy sauce and the ability of the cook.
It’s a pity that foreigners can’t say that Japchae is good to eat here.

ingredients for Japchae

Japchae consists of meat, mushrooms, vegetables, and glass noodles.
Here, soy sauce is used as the main source.

Meat is used in areas where cows and pigs have less oil.
Vegetables vary depending on the person who makes them, but carrots, onions, and spinach are basic.
Stir-fry each ingredient separately and boil the glass noodles separately.
After that, mix the ingredients together and season with soy sauce.

The reason why I can’t recommend Korean restaurants with delicious Japchae.

When stir-frying the ingredients, the texture of the ingredients should be kept alive, and the glass noodles should also be kept firm as they are boiled.
The problem with Korean food is that it is the same ingredient, but there is a lot of difference in taste when mixed with hands. Because of this, it is not easy to find a good restaurant for Korean traditional food.
For this reason, it is not easy to eat delicious Japchae.

And Japchae goes bad quickly.
You have to eat right after cooking.

What if you want to eat Japchae in Korea?

I recommend visiting traditional markets in Korea.
I think the easiest place to visit is Gwangjang Market.

When you visit a Chinese restaurant in Korea, there are Japchae rice and Chili-Japchae.
For your information, Chinese restaurants in Korea are not Chinese but Korean style. It is important to know that Japchae rice and Chili-Japchae here are not traditional Korean Japchae.

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