Athena : Goddess of War

Athena Goddess of War

Athena : Goddess of war is a great expected Drama, because Athena is spin off of IRIS.

Korean title is Athena : Jeonjeang ui Yeoshin.
This drama will be broadcast 13 Dec 2010 from SBS Network.
Air time is 9:50 PM Monday and Tuesday. 20 Episodes.
Genre is Action, Spy, Romance and Thriller.
Cast are Jungwoo Sung, Seungwon Cha, Soo ae, Jiah Lee, Minjong Kim, Siwon Choi.

The point is Jungwoo Sung and Seungwon Cha are not easy to meet at Drama. That is make more expectation like a IRIS.
Siwon Choi is a member of Superjunior. He’s last drama Oh my Lady, He has shown good acting. Korean fan will focus on his acting again.

I guess Athena will be name of terrorist like a IRIS.
I definitely expect this drama such as Story, Action and Actor & Actress.

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