Chumchurum – Korea Soju

Chumchurum means like the first time.

“Like a young bird flying in the sky for the first time; like a sprout rising from the soil for the first time, ; even as dusk falls, we are beginning a new day like the morning, like the spring, like the first time.”

Excerpt from the first page of “Chum-Churum,” an essay by Shin Young-bok, from LotteChisung Website

Along with Chamisul, Chumchurum is a popular soju in the Seoul metropolitan area.
In particular, as it began to gain popularity among young people, sales volume has increased.
However, as Jinro was re-released, sales seem to have decreased as in the beginning.

Chumchurum It is soju that has begun to compete to lower the alcohol level of Korean soju.
When Chumchurum lowered its alcohol level, Chamisul also started selling by lowering its alcohol level, and this competition continues, with 16.X soju being sold today.

In January 2021, Chumchurum lowered its alcohol content again to 16.5 degrees.
Chumchurum emphasizes that it is soft soju.

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