I have Jadam mapshoolrang chicken delivered to eat

Actor Cho Jung-suk has delivered a new menu of Jadam mapshoolrang Chicken, which is an advertising model.

Jadam Chicken is advertising that it uses animal welfare-certified chicken as a material for Korea’s new chicken brand.

The mapshoolrang chicken menu I chose was the newly released black chicken on June 1.

Jadam mapshoolrang chicken

The price of boneless chicken was 20,000 won.

The meaning of Mapshoolrang is probably deliciously spicy.

The basic composition of delivery-on-chicken included a small can of coke, seasoning sauce and chicken mu.

Jadam mapshoolrang chicken

When I opened the box, there were fried chicken, cheese balls, and French fries.

Cheese balls were likely to be liked by children and French fries were common.

The fried chicken was coated with a sauce, and the green chunghyang red pepper was quite visible.

It wasn’t too spicy, but I could feel it constantly.

The quality of the chicken itself seemed quite good.

I ordered it out of curiosity, but I don’t think I’ll order it again.

There are so many chicken brands in Korea that it is hard to order new chicken.

My review wasn’t bad, but not enough to order again.


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