K Drama : Vincenzo, TVN Song Joong-ki

TVN DRAMA – Vincenzo

Title of Drama : Vincenzo
Director : Kim Hee-won
Writers : Park Jae-bum
Cast : Song Joong-ki, Jeon Yeo-been, Ok Taec-yeon
Network : tvN
Date of airing : 20 Feb 2021 ~ 2 May 2021

The newly launched Korean drama “Vinsenzo” is unlikely to require further evaluation just because Song Joong-ki appears as the main actor.

Vincenzo drama is by Song Joong-ki, for Song Joong-ki, and of Song Joong-ki.

Usually, the cool ending scene has a high proportion of female actors, but the drama “Vinsenzo” ends with Song Joong-ki’s cool ending scene.

The drama “Vinsenzo,” which has already attracted the attention of female fans with Song Joong-ki’s appearance, is a combination of comic content and Song Joong-ki’s action scenes.

The story of the drama “Vinsenzo” is actually nothing great.
The lawyer, who was watching the mafia’s work, came to Korea due to problems with the mafia, and it is a story to recover the gold hidden in Korea.
This includes stories about ordinary people and chaebols(plutocrat) in Korea.
Of course, chaebols play a bad role.

There is a mixture of comic and something dark in the simple structure where good and evil are clearly present.
In short, it is a drama that contains all the elements for fun.

Vincenzo dramas will continue to gain good popularity.

I think TVN’s dramas are the trend of Korean dramas these days.
Famous actors appear as the main characters, and they are gaining popularity in every drama they air.
I think the popularity of TVN dramas will continue for a while.

The drama “Vincenzo” can also be seen on Netflix.
As far as I know, there are many overseas fans of Song Joong-ki, and I think it will be a good gift for Song Joong-ki’s fans.

PS : I’m curious every time I see Song Joong-ki, how does he take care of his face skin?

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