Korean fried chicken

The love of Chicken(=Korean Fried chicken) among Koreans is enormous.
It is Korea’s representative delivery food with Jajangmyeon and many Chicken brands are fiercely competing so new types of Chicken continue to be released.
Now, there are so many kinds of Chicken brands that I can’t remember them all and some brands disappear before I even try them.

If you visit Korea, you should try Korean traditional food, but Chicken is also a Korean food that you must eat without missing.
I will explain about Chicken of Korea.

The meaning of chicken in Korea is fried chicken.
The Korean language of chicken is Dak.

Other dishes made from chicken do not use the word chicken.
For example, jjimdak, Dak galb, samgyetang….

In Korea, eating chicken means eating fried chicken.

Tongdak (Fried whole chicken)

Tongdak-Korean Fried whole chicken

Tong meaning is whole.
so tongdak is fried without cutting a chicken.
With the old-style cooking method, you can still easily see the whole chicken in traditional markets.
With the popularity of the old style, it is often seen that tongdak is sold in the neighborhood.

Tongdak’s fried powder is not strong as a basic flavor, so I recommend dipping it in salt.
The advantage is that you can taste the purest chicken, but the dry part of the chicken breast is the disadvantage.

Fried powder is not applied thickly to the chicken, so the batter is thin.

Regular Fried Chicken

Korean Regular Fried Chicken

The most basic style of Korean fried chicken
It is a style that is fried after the chicken is cut into pieces and the deep fried powder is applied.
Fried powder’s liver is salty and stronger.

Depending on the taste of fried powder, Korean chicken brands are divided and their preferences vary.

There are also chicken that gives a more crisp feeling by thinning the fried powder like a Duldul Chicken(or two tow chicken) brand.

Korean Fried Chicken
Duldul Chicken(or two tow chicken)

Yangnyeom Chicken

Korean Yangnyeom Chicken

Yangyeom meaning is season.
Yangnyeom Chicken is coated with sauce after fried chicken.

This ssauce is based on gochujang, which is sour and sweet.
It gained considerable popularity when it first started selling Yangnyeom Chicken in a chicken brand, especially among children.
Since then, other chicken brands have launched Yangnyeom Chicken, and now it has become a representative type of Korean chicken.

The biggest feature of Yangnyeom Chicken is the coating of sauce on fried chicken, which has changed individual preferences depending on the sauce.
It can be said that Yangnyeom Chicken has made Korean chicken a step further.

Ganjang Chicken, which was later released and gained popularity, is based on soy sauce.

Korean Baebecue Chicken

Korean Baebecue Chicken

Barbecue chicken is baked, not fried.
There are various styles ranging from basic styles seasoned with salt to styles coated with sauce.

The sauce of barbecue chicken tastes more Korean than the sauce of Yangnyeom Chicken.
It’s a bit spicier.
These days, quite spicy barbecue chicken is also gaining popularity.
You can think of the sauce of buldak bokkeum myun(Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen).

Spicy barbecue chicken sauce is good to eat with rice, so the buzzword “chibap” has come out.
(Chi = Chicken + Bap = steamed rice.)

Barbecue chicken is called chicken in Korea even though it is not fried.

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The other Korean Chicken

The other Korean Chicken
chicken with spicy mayonnaise sauce

There are other styles of chicken.
There are some types of fried chicken that are topped with sauce or vegetables.
The name varies depending on the topping.
The Korean chicken continues to change, with sauce coated on fried chicken and toppings on top of it.
Now there are so many kinds that it’s not easy to order.

When you eat chicken in Korea

Korean Banban(half-and-half) chicken
You can order Banban chicken.
Half fried chicken is Regular Fried Chicken, and half is Yangnyeom Chicken.
Of course, you have to pay an extra fee, but I recommend you order Banban(half-and-half) chicken.

And there’s Sunsal chicken.
Sunsal chicken is boneless chicken.
Of course the price is a little higher.
If you don’t want to be buried in your hands, boneless chicken is also a good choice.

When you eat chicken, I recommend you with chicken mu and beer.

If it is possible to order from the Korean accommodation, I recommend you to order it.
Chicken order delivery will be possible. Contact info of accommodation.
Chicken and beer late at night will be a very good late-night snack.

Koreans like to watch sports games such as soccer or baseball games with chicken and beer.
If the weather is nice, I recommend enjoying chicken and beer delivered from Hangang Park.

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