Bulgogi is

Bulgogi is a traditional Korean food.
It was the most recommended traditional Korean food for foreigners, and it was now easy to eat, but decades ago, it was a rare food that could only be eaten at parties.

Bulgogi : Bul (=Fire) – gogi (=meat)


Thin slice of beef, garlic, onion, mushroom and scallions, marinated in sweet soy source.
Somebody called it as Korean style barbecue beef.

Anyway, Bulgogi source are using another foods like a Bulgogi Burger(Patty is marinated in bulgogi source), Dak bulgogi (with chicken), Dweji bulgogi (with pork) so far.

A kind of Bulgogi

Bulgogi developed into different forms depending on the cooking method and region.

Bulgogi is divided into grilled meat directly on grill and grilled using broth.
Gwangyang Bulgogi and Eonyang Bulgogi are bulgogi that is grilled using grill and Seoul style Bulgogi is grilled using broth.

This is how Bulgogi is distinguished, but it is usually referred to as having broth.

What you should be aware of when eating Bulgogi

It is important to note that if you come to Korea for a trip or visit, it is recommended that you try Bulgogi.

Bulgogi has a very different taste depending on the restaurant and the quality of the meat varies.
If possible, try it at a Bulgogi restaurant and at least at a beef restaurant.
Eating Bulgogi in restaurants that sell various foods is never recommended.
You will be disappointed with Bulgogi.

Bulgogi related food

Bulgogi deopbob : Deop(=Covered)-bob(Rice)
is served one plate with rice and bulgogi.

Bulgogi Jeongsik : Jeong-sik(=a meal of fixed menu)
Bulgogi, a bow of rice and side-dish.

I strongly recommend Bulgogi, Do not miss Bulgogi in Korea.

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